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Mesh canvas
Demande de devis
Découpe en bande
Découpe de toile en bande
Découpe en disque ou en couronne
Découpe de toile en disque et en couronne
Disque grand diamètre
disque assemblé
Wire cloth cutting



From the rolls stocked in its workshops, SAULAS cuts out and processes the wire cloth to produce:

  • Small-width strips to meet the customer’s needs.


  • Disks or rings
  • Special items, cut out with a laser
    • This cutting process allows special shapes to be produced
  • Large-diameter disks, with welds on the overlap and the rim
    • for chemical and petrochemical installations
  • Small-sized panels with straight-thread or angular cut, for all applications:
    • e.g. ventilation – protection – chemical – petrochemical
Panel cut out in stainless steel cloth




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