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SAULAS square-mesh cloths




With its active involvement in the standards organisations, SAULAS offers metal cloths that comply with ISO 4783-2 and ISO 9044 standards.

These standards define:

  • the main technical characteristics
  • tolerances
  • permissible defects and how to quantify them
  • delivery conditions 


SAULAS keeps a substantial stock for the most used product lines. (1 ml to 1.5 ml wide in stainless steel and many other materials)

SAULAS can manufacture special cloths tailor-made to respond to the most exacting specifications. Great responsiveness means we can guarantee the right time-scale. 


A cloth is defined by the following information:

  • The material
  • The nominal opening « W » : 
    • The distance between 2 consecutive wires, expressed in µ for openings < 1 mm and in mm for openings > 1 mm





  • The diameter of wire « d » :
      • The diameter is expressed in the same unit as the opening (µ or mm)
  • Mode of weaving



Eg :  Stainless steel 316 cloth aperture 200 diameter of wire 140 µ plain weave



Weight per sqm

For STAINLESS STEEL, the following formula gives the approximate weight

  •  P = 12.7 d² / W + d 

 For metals or alloys other than stainless steel, you need to multiply this result by the appropriate coefficient.

Steel or galvanised: 1
Aluminium: 0.35
Copper: 1.12
Nickel: 1.14
Brass: 1.09
Bronze: 1.12
Monel: 1.14

Percentage sieving area

This is the ratio between the surface area of the apertures and the total surface area of the cloth:

  • 100 x ( W / ( W + d) ) ²




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