Made-on-measure sieves

Made-on-measure sieves are the DNA of SAULAS. It is the company’s first product put on the market! They are made entirely in France, in our factory near Troyes.

These measuring instruments meet standards requirements (ISO 3310) and, universal standard sizing. Among other things, mesh sizes and wire diameters of the meshes are set.

But your needs may be different… here are a few examples of customization:

  • Check the particle size of your products on your production line. Sieves must have the same openings and wire diameters as those you use on your machines. We will manufacture these sieves to your mesh specifications, whether stainless steel, steel or synthetic, with square or rectangular mesh.
  • Sieve larger samples. We add an extension to the body of our standard sieves or even manufacture special bodies to the required height.
  • Have a different shape, square, rectangular, conical, to fit an existing tool or the opening of the container.
  • The sieve must be placed securely over the opening of a receptacle. We add 3 lugs around the perimeter of the screen, weld on an outer ring or make a customised product.