Hook panels

Hook panels are used in vibrating screens for precise and efficient particle size separation. We find them in ore extraction operations as well as in the powder industry, in any size installations. Used by many machine manufacturers, these panels are formed by a wire mesh or crimping weaving stretched between the walls by means of hooks.

The diversity of screened products, and machines used gives an idea of the variety of possible solutions and the adaptability and know-how that SAULAS has developed. Many of our customers have placed their trust in us.

Hook panels comply with ISO 14315 standard. They are divided into those with longitudinal tension and those with lateral tension.

In both cases, to give you the best estimate, we need to get the following information:

  • Definition of mesh, crimping weaving or anti-clogging
    • Material: steel with low carbon, stainless steel, magnetic stainless steel, adv.
    • Opening and wire diameter
    • Type of weave according to ISO 4783, from A to E
  • Dimensions between hooks and in width (tolerances to ISO 14315)
    • From bottom to bottom of hooks (SPI), for longitudinal tension, with its width, taking into account a possible side joint
    • External hooks, for side tensioning, with its width and mesh offset, if applicable
  • Shape, size and position of the hooks
    • Low or inverted hooks for longitudinal tension
    • High hooks for lateral tension
  • Finishes required and certificates
    • Side seals: Mogensen®, Chauvin®, PU, adv.
    • Reinforcing strips at impact bars
    • Notching
    • Identifying the hook, the fixed point, adv.
    • Certificate: material & alimentarity

A full questionnaire is available to help us checking every point.

In addition processed materials and quantity, the lifespan of your product will depend to a large extent on:

  • Care to maintain each panel under tension
  • Regular feeding on all the width of the panel, without violent fall

We always take the same care to ensure that they perfectly match your specifications, while giving you the best value for money.

If necessary, our field sales team will come and meet you to collect the dimensions and characteristics needed to manufacture your product. This will enable our design office to draw up a detailed drawing for you.

Our large stock of mesh and crimping weaving allow us to respond quickly to your requests. We can also manage buffer stocks, according to your commitment.