Expanded metal

Expanded metal is used for:

  • Protection, anti-intrusion panels, railings
  • Aeration, oriented fluidisation
  • Coarse filtration
  • Shredding, separating and decompacting solids
  • Support other filter media: ventilation, adv.
  • Kitchen utensils and other small equipment
  • Facade architecture: aesthetics, shade
  • Non-slip walkways and stair treads

It can therefore be found in many industries in a variety of forms and functions.


Its simple manufacture by cutting and stretching, with no loss of material (unlike perforated sheeting), makes it an economical product. Although the process is mastered, resulting mesh regularity and flatness are only average. It will therefore be seldom used as a filtration, separation, calibration or screening product.

Expanded metal mesh is defined by:

  • Long Diagonal
  • Short Diagonal
  • Strap
  • Thickness


There are several mesh shapes: diamond, square, round, hexagonal and rasp.
These meshes are manufactured with a fairly high degree of deformation across their thickness. Apart from rasps, they can be flattened.


Expanded metal can be made of raw steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel (304, 316L, 430) and raw or anodised aluminium (natural, gold or bronze).

Mesh dimensions – LD x CD (or LD/CD x Ø for rounds) – are as follows
Diamond: from 0.76 x 0.6 to 200 x 75 mm (with different straps and thicknesses)
Flat diamond: from 10 x 6 to 62 x 25 mm (with different straps and thicknesses)
Square: from 2 x 1.6 to 100 x 68 mm (with different straps and thicknesses)
Flat square: from 20 x 15 to 100 x 74 mm (with different straps and thicknesses)
Flat round: from 4.5 Ø1.5 to 30 Ø15 mm (with different straps and thicknesses)
Hexagonal: from 6 x 3.5 to 200 x 100 mm (with different straps and thicknesses)
Rasp: 8 / 10 / 12.5 / 16 mm bore diameter

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