Over the years, SAULAS has built up close relationships with the major players in the energy sector, their subcontractors and equipment manufacturers. You can count on our ability to meet your rigorous specifications, put in place the necessary processes and deliver your order as quickly as possible and at the best price.
We offer solutions with filtration thresholds from 5 µm up to several mm, whether in ordinary, refractory or duplex stainless steel. We take care of all finishing requirements – such as degreasing – and logistics, such as packaging and individual labelling.


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Tailor-made solutions for energy companies

Adapting our work to each of your filtration, sieving and separation problems in the energy sector has become our daily routine. Whatever your needs, there’s a made-to-measure solution:

→ Fluid filtration with custom-made filter cartridges using the most resistant stainless steel meshes in all grades, pleated or not.
→ Upholstering and production of distillation tower discs and rings using panels cut and drilled to the exact dimensions and made from mesh to provide a large exchange surface.
→ The production of discs or rings of all sizes in Aisi 321 or 347 refractory stainless steel for your various distillation stages.
→ The production of panels, in mesh or perforated plates of all shapes and sizes, with specific laser cut-outs (for tight tolerances, for example).
→ Filtration of CNC cooling water with devices equipped with removable frames with stainless steel mesh panels.
→ Production of granulation grids with or without cradles, to equip your granulator screens.
→ Separation of your particles with a vibrating sifter, equipped with our mesh frames with or without ultrasonic probe.
→ Control the particle size of your products using our certified laboratory sieves.

The energy sector is vast, but our teams know how to work with precision to implement sound, sustainable solutions, whatever your business. We understand your requirements and are able to meet them with unrivalled precision and speed. Conformity and certification of our products ensure reliable results and appropriate solutions.