Sieving frame

SAULAS started out over 80 years ago manufacturing laboratory sieves. This is the assembly of a boiler-made body with a metal mesh or perforated plate. Our experience and expertise in working with steel is unrivalled.

Most of our customers use a “mesh” to sieve, filter, sort and protect. This is very often stretched and fixed, in one way or another, to a frame. Some have a workshop capable of carrying out these operations, but many are looking for a complete solution. Mesh work is complicated without know-how and equipment.

SAULAS was quick to offer this option to its many customers.

Over the years, SAULAS has developed its weaving capacity and invested in processing and assembly tools. Now, we have a dedicated workshop for working and welding profiles and a vast area for working sheet metal and mesh, with resources that are regularly renewed. We recently invested in a laser.

Today, SAULAS :

  • Keeps a stock of the most common profiles.
  • Experts regarding the specific profiles used by your machine manufacturer.
  • Makes all kinds of frames and welded assemblies. Circular or angular, from a few centimeters to several meters.
  • Adapts an ultrasonic vibration system (with test report).
  • Shapes and assembles wire mesh, welded wire cloth, grid and perforated plate.
  • Passivates, cleans, degreases and packages to your specifications.
  • Issues certificates of conformity, material, dimensional and alimentarity.

As well as being able to offer you new sets, SAULAS has long been recognized for reconditioning your frames. An ethical and cost-effective approach that is now unavoidable. We have all the latest equipment  blasting booths, tensioning tables, gluing machines, adv. – and a large stock to guarantee you a quality service with short lead times. We regularly respond to an “emergency” with a 24/48-hours solution. Our meshes, grids and plates comply with ISO 9044 – 3310 – 5223 – 14315 – 7806 standards. If necessary, our sales team on the ground will meet with you to measure the dimensions and characteristics. This will enable our design office to draw up a detailed drawing for you.