Filters & filter cartridges

Many industrial processes and machines require filtration, either to protect downstream equipment or to separate unwanted particles from a fluid.

These filters can take a wide variety of shapes and sizes, require different filtration thresholds and have to withstand specific constraints (pressure, temperature, aggressive fluids, adv.).

SAULAS has a long-standing presence in all sectors of activity, and has extensive experience in the manufacture of new filters and filter cartridges, individually or at scale, and in their reconditioning.

Whether they are

  • In standard or special stainless steels (Uranus, adv).
  • Pleated, deep-drawn, adv.
  • Cylindrical, conical, adv.
  • With straps, handles or grips.
  • With perforated reinforcing sheets.
  • In dutch, plain or Sintered meshes.

We always take the same care to ensure that they perfectly match your specifications, while giving you the best value for money.

Our field sales team will come and meet you to take the dimensions and characteristics needed to manufacture your product. This will enable our design office to draw up a detailed drawing for you.

Our large stock of meshes and our high-performance machinery enable us to respond quickly to your requests. We can also manage buffer stocks, depending on your commitment.