Chemical Petrochemical industry

Chemical and petrochemical industry

SAULAS has been working for many years with the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as with maintenance companies throughout the world. Whatever your business, we provide tailor-made solutions to the most complex industrial problems.

Our products can be found both in your distillation towers and in the filter cartridges used throughout your production processes. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We are also present upstream, when your ores are extracted, and downstream, when your finished products are inspected.

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Solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries

We offer a wide range of tailor-made solutions for all filtration, sieving and separation requirements. Here are just a few examples.


→ Fluid filtration, with custom-made filter cartridges using the most resistant stainless steel meshes in all grades, pleated or not.
→ The lining of your distillation towers with panels cut and drilled to the exact dimensions and made with meshes allowing a large exchange surface.
→ The production of discs or rings of all sizes in Aisi 321 or 347 refractory stainless steel for your various distillation stages.
→ Filtration of your liquids, inks or paints through our synthetic Nylon, Polyester or Polypropylene bags from 1 μm.
→ Granulometric separation of your fine ores with our eyelet panels that fit perfectly into your reciprocating gyratory motion device, regardless of finish.
→ Sieving your fertilisers with the re-meshing or complete replacement of your circular or rectangular sieve used on any brand of sieve shaker.
→ Extruding your glues or silicones and filtering them through our dutch twilled discs, which withstand the highest pressures and guarantee a very thin filtration threshold.
→ Controlling the particle size of your powders using our certified laboratory sieves.
→ Screening your ores with our high strength steel or stainless-steel hook panels that will fit into any brand of screen on the market.

And, of course, all this with the assurance of the best value for money, a short lead time, professional advice, a product that meets your expectations and all the necessary certificates.