Synthetic filter bags

Filter bags are used to filter, from the inside out, any type of liquid used in petrochemical, food processing and automotive industries, such as lubes, solvents, enamels, varnishes, food oils, wine, … They offer high retention capacity at reduced cost. They stand a maximum differential pressure of 0.9 bar.

They are used all over the world and are installed in single or multi-element stainless steel filter housings. In order to be compatible with different pieces of equipment, they comply with major dimensional standards.
The four most popular sizes are :

Poches synthétiques tableau 1

Size _ Dia – Length – Flow – Surface – Volume
Values given as an indication for water with 100µ filters

Filter bags are made from a range of synthetics. The most common are :

We offer several bag models, with different finishes according to the application and required finish level.

Poches synthétiques tableau 3

SAULAS can supply individual packaging (on request) and delivers cardboard packed products . The number of bags per box varies according to the size of the product.

SAULAS can also study any other dimensions and specifications. Our field sales team will come and meet you to take the specifications. A drawing will be made.