Saulas – a key partner for wire mesh solutions.

Producing metal tools for all industries

Since it was founded in 1942, SAULAS has developed around its core business of wire mesh weaving. Our reputation has been built on the quality of our laboratory sieves, and we apply the same high standards to every single product we make for you.

Our expertise is extensive and constantly expanding. From our large stock of meshes and gratings, we can provide all the tools you need to filter, separate, granulate, screen, sieve, extrude, protect, etc. We scrupulously comply with your specifications, with the best value for your money, for any mass or one-off production.

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Following technical, regulatory requirements, and customer expectations, we regularly invest, adapting our production tools, organisations, and developing new technical solutions.
Today, we are active in all industry sectors and have over 8,000 trusting customers in France and around the world. We are proud to count some of the biggest names in the industry among our clients, but we always bring the same attention to detail, respect for our commitment, responsiveness and adaptability, no matter the company that works with us.

We would be delighted to be able to prove it to you!

Listening to your industrial projects
since 1942

  • 2023

    With the help of the GRAND EST region, we’re continuing to modernise our tools, with a new e-commerce website that will be a pleasure to browse!

  • 2022


    Meeting your needs as precisely as possible and supplying you with quality products is our priority. That is why we are continuing to invest, in particular with the purchase of a laser cutting machine!

  • 2021

    With the help of the GRAND EST region, we are continuing to modernise our tools. A new digital press brake and treatment bath were purchased and installed.

  • 2020

    After 6 years at the helm, Bruno Mandelli handed over the company reins to Frédéric Perrin, the company’s new CEO.

  • 2018


    The desire to have an ever-wider range of products and a more modern industrial tool is reflected in the investment in a new 3-meter wide loom.

  • 2014

    Mr Gesp retires and sells the company to Mr Mandelli, a manager native from Troyes, accompanied by a French investment fund, TARGA.

  • 2014

    All administrative and commercial services are grouped together on the most recent site.

  • 2011

    7 years later, history repeats itself and a second extension is built.

  • 2004

    As in 1985, the company’s development requires the extension of the new site.

  • 1998

    A year after the sale, a second site is built nearby to streamline and modernise manufacturing and increase our production capacity.

  • 1998

    The process is launched and we obtain ISO 9001 certification. It recognises our good organisation and expert handling of processes.

  • 1997

    After many years spent developing the company, the second generation of Saulas reached retirement age and sold the business to Mr Gesp, a local manufacturer, who decided to keep the name, a symbol of expertise and quality.

  • 1994

    9 years later, same story: we have to expand. This is the second extension.

  • 1985

    Lots of very different products have emerged and the industrial site has become too small, this is the first extension.

  • 1960

    Lots of very different products have emerged and the industrial site has become too small, this is the first extension.

  • 1956

    In view of its success, the legal status of a public limited company was adopted.

  • 1942

    Mr Georges Saulas sets up his eponymous company in Paris to distribute laboratory sieves.

Saulas company values:

A human-sized company for over 80 years

Our human-scale company is guided by strong values, particularly towards our customers, who are at the heart of our priorities. Our staff have a keen sense of customer relations, and every day they do their utmost to satisfy each and every individual and respond quickly to their bespoke requests.

We believe that cooperation between our employees and with our customers is essential. These strong human values push us to recruit young people on work-study contracts and we play an active role in shaping their professional lives. To this end, we provide on-the-job training for each of our employees as soon as they arrive.

This allows everyone to participate in the development of your products by combining expertise to offer you a wide range of finished products of French quality.

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As part of its quality approach, Saulas has a control laboratory that can provide you with a number of certificates that meet precise standards.

Our wire mesh products meet ISO 9044 criteria. Saulas is also ISO 9001 certified for all its activities.

As a local service, we are proud to offer you “Made In France» quality products, and as such we are FrenchFab certified ! For SAULAS, the FrenchFab seal is a commitment to growth in order to provide the best possible service to as many customers as possible, while evolving , in particular through a digital approach. It is a collective effort we are involved in, working with our French partners to meet the company’s social and corporate responsibilities.


This approach engages us in a CSR program with major ecological challenges, in which we try to play an active role every year. As a result, we can invest in improved productivity, particularly with lasers, but not only that ! We have also invested in more environmentally friendly machines, leading to 100% of our handling equipment being electric. More ecological transition projects are under study.



Summer closing

Summer closing

Summer closing Saulas will be closed from 9th August at 4 p.m until 25th August incluing. We will reopen on 26th August at 8.30 a.m. Do not hesitate to send contact us an email with your request. We will contact you as soon as we return. You can also share our company...

Yearbook CFM

Yearbook CFM

Yearbook CFM SAULAS has gained new visibility in the world of metrology applied to woven fabrics. Thanks to the integration of SAULAS in the online yearbook of the Collège Français de Métrologie (CFM), it is now possible to view the full range of metrological controls...

France 3 Report

France 3 Report

2023 has started with a bang for SAULAS! We have been lucky enough to welcome journalists from France 3 Grand Est to our premises to do a report on our proud company. It is a chance for us to show you a little of our staff’s day-to-day life and take a look behind the...

Participation in INRS issue

Participation in INRS issue

A few weeks ago, our president visited the Institut National de Recherches et de Sécurité (National Institute for Research and Safety) to discuss the challenges of Occupational Health and Safety (CSE) in the workplace. During this exchange, two experts, Colette...