Grommet panels (PAO or locker)

Grommet panels are used in Rotex machines for precise and efficient particle size separation. We find them in the chemical industry as well as in the food industry, in different dimensions. They consist of a mesh or grating, either metal or synthetic, stretched on all 4 sides by tensioning clips via grommets.

The variety of sieved products gives an idea of the range of possible solutions. Thanks to its mastery of weaving and mesh shaping, SAULAS can supply you with a complete, quality product at the best value for money, quickly. Many customers have placed their trust in us.

The grommet panels comply with ISO 14315 standard.

To give you the best estimate, we need the following information:

  • Mesh or grating specifications
    • Material: HR steel, stainless steel, magnetisable stainless steel, synthetic, etc.
    • Mesh size and wire diameter
  • Overall dimensions (tolerances according to ISO 14315)
  • Choice for edging - PVC, polyester, stainless steel - which depends on
    • Operating temperature
    • Food grade
  •  Grommets shape and position
    • Round or oval
    • Precise positions from the edges and spacing
  • Desired finishes, accessories and certificates
    • Reinforcement strips (at crossings)
    • Identification
    • Unclogging balls
    • Material, food certificate

A full questionnaire is available to help us check every point.

If necessary, our field sales team will come and meet you to collect the dimensions and characteristics needed to manufacture your product. This will enable our design office to draw up a detailed drawing for you.

Our large stock of mesh and grating allow us to respond quickly to your requests. We can also manage buffer stocks, according to your commitment.