Stamped mesh

Stamping is widely used in industry. It quickly gives a more or less deep and complex shape to a plate or mesh. It avoids the need for more complex techniques. Given the cost of tooling, this technique is generally used for mass-produced parts.

Many products are processed using this technique. Strainers for public or industry, valves or taps with filtration, smoke diffusers, filters for gas circuits, adv.

SAULAS will support you in your project with partners who have many years of experience in the deformation of materials and the making of appropriate tooling.

Our experience will enable us to define the most suitable mesh. During the stamping process, the wires making up the mesh are subject to high stresses and have to find ‘their place’ in the matrix. We often use a twilled weave or reverse twilled weave to bring wires more freedom. We also offer meshes that have undergone a hyper-quench heat treatment that gives them unrivalled flexibility and eliminates the natural spring effect. The mesh will retain the required shape, with no risk of tearing.

Our field sales team will come and meet you and draw up the specifications. Our aim is to provide you with the best technical offer in line with your quality, lead-time, storage and price objectives.