Steel – Metallurgy

This is a broad sector of activity that has for a long time used the full SAULAS range. We work with foundries, special metals processing plants and all companies that use and process metal products, such as boilermakers, plate metal workers, etc.

We are able to respond to all dimensional and finishing constraints, such as degreasing or rilsan coating, for example.

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Solutions developed for the steel and metallurgy industries

Here are a few examples of the solutions implemented:

→ The weaving of dutch meshes with very low filtration thresholds to produce your most varied filter cartridges to meet the specific requirements of your customers.
→ The manufacture of mesh and grid panels for blast furnace filtration and granulation drums.
→ The production of parts combining thin plate metal work and wire mesh for dust filtration or anti-intrusion protection in electrical equipment, for example.
→ Cutting of panels in welded mesh or expanded metal to fit the protective casings of your machines.
→ Mesh cylinders to protect the anodes and cathodes of your furnaces.
→ Shaping hook panels with high strength or stainless-steel grid to screen minerals before processing.
→ The supply of balustrades in mesh, grating or welded wire mesh for your balcony or staircase railings.
→ Re-meshing the frames used in all brands of sifters to granulate your finest powders.
→ Repair or manufacture of bespoke frames for your screening machines.
→ The production of granulation grids with or without cradles to equip your granulators.
→ Controlling the particle size of your products using our certified laboratory sieves.
→The supply of panels with specific laser perforations for tight tolerances or a particular design, for example.

And, of course, all this with the assurance of professional advice, a product that meets your expectations and all the necessary certificates.