Research laboratory

The origins of SAULAS lie in the manufacture of test and measurement sieves for public and private laboratories. We are present in both university research laboratories and roadworks company laboratories.

SAULAS has always paid particular attention to developing its organisation to meet all your quality requirements. Our dimensional laboratory has received COFRAC calibration accreditation No. 2-6242 for testing laboratory sieves.

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Solutions developed for laboratories and research

Here are just a few examples of the products and services we regularly offer,

→ Full stainless steel laboratory sieves to ISO 3310-1, 3310-2 and 5223 standards, from diameter 45 mm to diameter 450 mm, in control mesh or perforated sheet or stainless-steel grid.
→ Granulometry tests on typical sieve columns using our 3D sieve shaker.
→ Periodic checks of your laboratory sieves in accordance with our Cofrac calibration accreditation N°2-6242 or otherwise, with the issue of a verification or calibration certificate.
→ Dimensional checks on your granulation cones.
→ Permeability tests and demonstration of the ΔP of your multilayer discs.
→ Stainless steel or synthetic mesh in rolls or panels.
→ Granulation grids adaptable to all machines on the market in all finishes.
→ Filters or catalyst supports of all shapes and sizes, made to order according to your drawings, in the metal material of your choice, if available.

And, of course, all this with the assurance of professional advice, a product that meets your expectations and all the necessary certificates.