Laboratory sieves

Laboratory sieves are the DNA of SAULAS. It is the company’s first product put on the market! They are made entirely in France, in our factory near Troyes, in strict compliance with ISO 3310-1 or 2 and ISO 5223 standards. They are recognised as high-quality products by a large number of customers. Thanks to them, our skills have grown and we master every step… Evidence: our dimensional laboratory has been COFRAC accredited in September 2021. We have been supplying sieves with a verification certificate for a long time, and now we can supply them with COFRAC calibration certificate No. 2-6242.

Laboratory sieves are measuring instruments, used either in columns to determine the particle size distribution of a sample, or individually to make a cut.

All our sieves are made of stainless steel. 316L stainless steel is available on request.

They are available in several nominal diameters (DN):
45 – 75 – 100 – 150 – 200 – 203 (8”) – 250 – 305 (12”) – 315 – 400* – 450 mm
* DN 390 mm

Some of them are available in several useful depths. (see data sheet)

With standard apertures ranging from 20 µm to 3.55 mm , they are made of stainless steel mesh complying with ISO 3310-1.
From 4 mm to 125 mm, they can be made of stainless steel grid in compliance with ISO 3310-1, or stainless steel perforated plates in compliance with ISO 3310-2 (square or round openings).

Depending on the environment (alimentarity) and operating temperature, the assembling varies.

Each sieve is checked by our laboratory , which issues a unique certificate.

Several levels, with systematic measurements recording, are available:

  • COFRAC calibration certificate No. 2-6242
  • Calibration certificate
  • Inspection certificate, as standard

We also carry out periodic checks on used sieves of all brands.
Each sieve is traced by identification laser engraving

A range of equipment is available :

  • Stainless steel bottom and lid
  • Stainless steel bottom and lid for wet sieving
  • Transparent polycarbonate cover for 200 LS or 203 LSN sieves
  • Body extension, welded or not
  • Support mesh (washing sieve)
  • Synthetic or industrial mesh (not standardised)
  • Support brackets or mounting ring


With the same characteristics as our laboratory sieves, SAULAS manufactures sieves for cereal inspection that comply with the ISO 5223 standard.
They are made entirely of stainless steel, with a nominal diameter of 200 mm and a depth of 50 mm.

  •  Slotted openings range from 1.0 to 3.55 mm x 20.0 mm, depending on the cereal to be tested.
  •  Round apertures (strainer) range from Ø 0.5 to 6.0 mm (3 are standardised)

SAULAS keeps a large stock of the most common sizes and openings. Our high-performance production facilities enable us to respond quickly to other requests.