Re-meshing frame

The re-meshing of your sieving frames, in full compliance with your specifications, will enable you to extend the life of your equipment. It’s a virtuous, cost-effective approach that’s now unavoidable.

SAULAS has been offering this service for over 30 years. Our expertise is recognised by a large number of companies, from very small businesses to multinationals, in all industries. Pharmaceuticals, agri-food, chemistry, aeronautics, paint, metallurgy and materials industries are just some of the players who have long been renewing their trust in us.

Whatever your sieve shaker make, frame material, dimensions, condition and equipment, SAULAS will find you a solution.

We have all latest equipment and a large stock to guarantee you a quality service with short lead times. Every day, we manage your “emergencies” with a 24-hour solution.

Our process is tried and tested

  • Systematic analysis of the frame on receipt by visual inspection
  • Possibility of ultrasonic examination to check for micro-cracks
  • Complete dismantling of the frame before cleaning
  • Shot blasting (stainless steel balls) or precise surfacing
  • Frame repairs, if necessary, in our metal workshop or at our nearby partner’s premises
  • Interfacing on controlled tensioning table
    • Meshes/grid or perforated plates: stainless steel, steel, high strength, galva or synthetics
    • Bicomponent epoxy adhesive, stainless steel staples, welding, counter-frame, adv.
  • Drying, trimming, fitting of equipment (discs, crowns, adv.) and finishing
  • Replacement, if necessary, of the unclogging balls/sieve cleaner, peripheral seal, grid/sheet, ball support, adv.
  • Visual inspection
  • Possibility of ultrasonic inspection including delivery of a detailed report
  • Cleaning, possibility of complete degreasing
  • Standard or according to specification identification
  • Certificates : material, alimentarity, measurements, adv.
  • Customised packaging, with the option of customised wooden crates

Our meshes, grid and plates comply with ISO 9044, ISO 3310, ISO 5223 and ISO 14315 standards.

If your frame is too damaged, SAULAS can also make you a new one, either identical or with modifications. We have all the necessary equipment.

If necessary, our field sales team will meet with you to get the dimensions and characteristics. This will enable our design office to make a detailed drawing for you.