Participation in INRS issue

A few weeks ago, our president visited the Institut National de Recherches et de Sécurité (National Institute for Research and Safety) to discuss the challenges of Occupational Health and Safety (CSE) in the workplace.

During this exchange, two experts, Colette Périssé, a safety inspector at Carsat Normandie, and Thomas Nivelet, a lawyer at INRS, along with the participation of Étienne Falconnet, a deputy at the CSE of Renault Trucks, and Frédéric Perrin, our president, discussed the following topics:

What is the exact role of the CSE in the field of occupational health and safety?

What are its prerogatives?

What actions can it initiate?

For SAULAS, ensuring the well-being of its employees is a fundamental value, and it strives to establish a serene climate and social dialogue on a daily basis, sometimes regulated, to ensure the smooth running of the company.

You can watch the program on the INRS website:

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